November 2007

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation reviewed by Tim Richardson

November 20, 2007
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“…The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is no longer a dialogue with the universe, it is a monologue about the universe. It is becoming The Garden of Comic Extrapolation, and someone needs to say it.”

Gardens as pills…or not

November 6, 2007

by Tim Richardson.
“….In such a view, gardening is innocent, guileless and healthy, while garden design is cynical, unncessary and corrupted by too much knowledge and thought.”

“Is gardening an art form?” by Roger Phillips

November 4, 2007

by Roger Phillips.
“It is a sculpture in which you can walk, sit, drink or sing. In other words it encourages the visitor to play an active role. He or she becomes a part of the garden…”

The TARDIS Garden: thinking big about small spaces

November 3, 2007

Society of Garden Designers Conference, November 2007.
Reviewed by Darryl Moore.
“Whilst his style of presentation was no doubt intended to be irreverent and humourous, it became less coherent and relevant as his talk progressed.”

How to look at the Taj Mahal?

November 2, 2007

East and West have very different ways of approaching garden history by Ambra Edwards.
“…Or should – at the risk of disappointing tourists – an older, more ‘authentic’ garden be recreated, illustrating the Emperor’s original intentions?”