March 2011

On women, landscaping and show gardening by Sue Beesley

March 21, 2011

“I happen to like physical work and expect to pull my weight and a bit more. Unless it is actually beyond my strength, there’s nothing I can’t or won’t do. Some of my female friends find this inclination towards sweat and dirt a bit perplexing….”

‘Italy’s Private Gardens’ by Helena Attlee and ‘Great Gardens of Italy’ by Monty Don: reviewed by Charles Hawes

March 14, 2011

Helena Attlee recently published a lavishly illustrated book on Italian gardens and this has now been followed by Monty Don’s book of his BBC 2 television series ” ‘Monty Don’s’ Italian Gardens.” ( I don’t imagine he owns them all, but you never know..) It seemed appropriate and useful to review the two books together. Anne […]

Gardening Women by Catherine Horwood

March 7, 2011
Thumbnail image for Gardening Women by Catherine Horwood

“I was astounded by how many plants I had considered to be native to this country….”