May 2011

Chelsea 2011 by Anne Wareham

May 24, 2011

Chelsea 2011 “Is Chelsea still relevant?” – with thanks to Lila de Gupta for the question. This year I was wondering about the relevance of Chelsea and of show gardens in particular. I think that they are the joyful celebration of gardens made simply for the delight of looking at them (from the outside). I […]

“‘A Veritable Eden’ The Manchester Botanic Garden: a History” by Ann Brooks. Reviewed by Carl Legge

May 16, 2011

Another book review: thinkingardens has made it on to the publishers’ lists. So with thanks to a new contributor, Carl Legge, we introduce the Botanic Garden you have never heard of before. How many more will vanish in a similar sad fashion? Anne Wareham, editor Ann Brooks describes the decline and fall of the Manchester Botanic […]

Veddw reviewed by Bridget Rosewell

May 9, 2011

Just to wind up Matthew Appleby, who is complaining there is too much Veddw on this site… Having just been sent the review I can’t resist adding it to thinkinGardens – and I think I have earned a bit of self indulgence. Anne Wareham editor.   Bridget Rosewell: The garden made by Anne Wareham and […]

Gardens Of The World-The Great Traditions by Rory Stuart reviewed by Sara Venn

May 2, 2011

  Gardens Of The World – The Great Traditions, is difficult book to review as its interest to the reader will depend upon what they expect from the book. Stuart covers a huge range of histories and garden styles, all of which will be familiar in part to anyone with an interest in gardening and […]