August 2011

Sussex Prairie Garden review: Meadows, Prairies and Downs by Kate Buxton: a review of the Sussex Prairies Garden

August 30, 2011

The topic of contemporary naturalistic planting design is a fascinating topic: what is the relationship between ‘Dutch Wave’ gardens, the ‘New American Garden Style’, wildflower meadows, quasi arable fields, prairie gardens and ecological planting design? It would be good to consider their similarities, differences, virtues and limitations further on thinkingardens. Kate Buxton’s piece here, on the Sussex Prairies […]

There is no garden in this country so awful that there won’t be someone desperate to tell you how wonderful it is by Anne Wareham

August 26, 2011

I’m happy to say that thinkingardens is beginning to get offers of garden reviews. So I thought it was worthwhile to offer a short piece encouraging readers to do garden reviews for us and to try to sum up what I am looking for in a garden review. Reviews currently available on the site may […]

The Omnipotent Magician, Jane Brown reviewed by Gary Webb,

August 22, 2011

A review of a new book on – was he ever called Capability? – Lancelot Brown, reviewed by Gary Web who is Grounds Manager at Compton Verney, a Lancelot Brown landscape. Anne Wareham editor The Omnipotent Magician by Jane Brown reviewed by Gary Webb Our great country is liberally sprinkled with gardens of all shapes, sizes and […]

Bryan’s Ground reviewed by Sarah Wint

August 3, 2011

An entertaining approach to reviewing here by a new contributor, Sarah Wint. I hope we may hear more from the in-laws and – an unreliable? narrator. I have enabled comments and will see if this creates too much work for poor harassed editor or not.. Anne Wareham  editor Review of the garden at Bryan’s Ground, Herefordshire. I’ve just […]