November 2011

Garden Photographs – some problems, by Rory Stuart

November 28, 2011

Many of us have got great reservations about how gardens are represented in the garden media. Awards are given to gardens on the basis of pictures of them and the common description of garden magazines as ‘garden porn’ tells its own story. It would be very interesting to hear the response of garden photographers and magazine editors […]

Sussex Prairies Garden reviewed by Darryl Moore

November 17, 2011

It may seem strange to have three reviews of one garden on the thinkingardens site. However, we are frequently told that different people experience gardens differently. It seems right to me that those differences, or lack of them, should be available for people to consider. It is interesting to me that the three thinkingardens reviewers saw similar […]

Tranquillity, trees and school trips by Alison Levey

November 9, 2011

Generally we associate gardens with peace and quiet, and I know that we inconvenience ourselves considerably at Veddw in not using noisy machinery when we open the garden – and we hate it when other people do use strimmers and hedge cutters when we pay to visit. Is noise inevitable everywhere in reality and our stereotypes […]