May 2012

Chelsea 2012 by Anne Wareham

May 22, 2012

I did my usual for Chelsea – asked people I met on Press Day a question I thought would be of interest to thinkingardeners. Less celebrities this time. All pictures by Charles Hawes, but the unnamed person in them, while bearing a passing resemblance to me, is clearly fifteen years older and much heavier… Anne Wareham editor […]

Chelsea best: “Quiet Time: Korean DMZ Forbidden Garden” designed by Jihae Hwang

May 22, 2012

I’d like to say just how different the “Quiet Time: Korean DMZ Forbidden Garden” is. It gained Gold for its sheer quality and the excellence of the design, but its remarkable feature was the fact that it  has powerful and accessible emotional content.  This was no facile ‘theme’ but a discussion of reconciliation and healing […]

Bloggery by Emma Bond

May 15, 2012

Garden blogs have become a vital and exciting – and deadly and boring – part of the garden world in the last few years. It seems time to review them and consider what they have to offer to serious gardeners, and the first reviews will appear here in a few weeks time. Here is Emma […]