October 2012

Gardens Illustrated and The Garden – a comparative review by David Wong

October 26, 2012

You wait for years for one to come along… then you get two reviews of  The Garden in one year! Well, I don’t look gift horses in the mouth (I don’t look any kind of horses in the mouth) so here is a look at Gardens Illustrated and The Garden from David Wong. Anne Wareham, […]

Three views of the RHS by Elizabeth Musgrave

October 16, 2012

Apologies – this one has jumped the queue.. (nothing to do with me overlooking what’s on my schedule, of course..) Does the RHS offer anything which meets the needs of the thinkingardener? Elizabeth Musgrave gives that some thought.. Anne Wareham, editor Elizabeth Musgrave: I am a serial joiner of the RHS.  I join for a […]

If not spectacle, what? by Tristan Gregory

October 15, 2012

Last week Tristan Gregory proposed that we may need respite from spectacle. (see ‘Spectacle or not’) This week he continues his theme by discussing what might come next.. Anne Wareham, editor Tristan Gregory:  In a previous piece I made a case for adapting the philosophy of landscape to make the space available to us into […]

Spectacle – or not? by Tristan Gregory

October 8, 2012

Here are thoughts about how people in the past created gardens to offer them respite from the pressures and anxieties of their age, and opens the question about whether we might do the same. It’s the first of a two parter, but this part stands alone well enough. The next bit you will have to […]