May 2015

Chelsea – Buildup Sunday by Anne Wareham

May 19, 2015

I thought there might be some people who’d like to see what Chelsea is like the day before it opens. So here’s some snaps of Buildup Sunday. Anne Wareham editor                               Anne Wareham author of OUTWITTING SQUIRRELS! See also Chelsea 2015 review […]

Chelsea 2015 – a review by Katherine Crouch

May 19, 2015

This is what you want, I think – a real reflection of Chelsea without the hype. Thanks for an amazing effort Katherine, getting it to me so fast and with so many pictures and so much messing around for my benefit. (I’m a monster editor) Anne Wareham, editor       Chelsea 2015 A review […]

Well loved – or totally forgotten? Russell Page Exhibition reviewed by Francois Gordon

May 14, 2015

Russell Page is being honoured at present by the Garden Museum in London. To publicise the exhibition, Christopher Woodward, the director of the Museum, wrote a piece for the Telegraph  headed ‘The most famous garden designer no-one has ever heard of’.’ This struck me as totally untrue, because if you ever mention the book ‘Education of a […]

The Cost of a Garden by Tristan Gregory

May 6, 2015

I have to report, with mixed feelings, that the demands of happy domestic life have taken over one of our best and most prolific contributors. How could I not be happy for Tristan? Or sorry for us? So this may be one of fewer Tristan Gregory contributions. One thing is for sure: a happy domestic […]