Ian Kitson on “The love that dare not speak its name”

August 11, 2007

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Comment on Anne Wareham’s article on beauty and gardens

You may be right!

In no particular order……there are thousands of books, courses and opinions defining beauty. So on the one hand you need to place your thought processes amongst theirs. Alternatively you can do a Barbara Hepworth and just say you can’t be arsed with all that.

You also hint at a pickled sheep being conceptual rather than beautiful. So that needs translating into the garden world. When we did the interviews for the film I did ask charley boy Jencks if it was OK for me just to look at his garden and go ‘fucking hell’ before anyone explained it was about cosmic speculation.  Graciously he said yes: like looking at Stonehenge: you first have a gut reaction and then gather other stuff. Maybe the gut thing is something to do with your beauty thing. Personally I avoid the word beauty.

Only because I kind of find it demands more questions than explains an answer/position. I have my own substitute for beauty. It is you clever fucking bastard. Means the same thing I’m sure! The edit is not an insult!!!!!!!!

Ian Kitson

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