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March 19, 2013

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There has been discussion in the British press recently, I believe, about whether we should specifically protect important views, before they are all covered by wind power stations. Views, as borrowed landscape, are vital to many gardens.  However – when we can’t even protect AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty), or the view from Highgrove, (see here) what hope do we have?

It appears we are not alone with this in the UK  – Susan Cohan recently sent me the following piece.

Anne Wareham, editor

View of the Palisades from Wave Hill, copyright Susan Cohan for thinkingardens

View of the Palisades from Wave Hill

Susan Cohan :

Vista and View Preservation

An article recently in the New York Times about a proposed and (yes) sustainably built and ‘green’ corporate headquarters that will rise above the Palisades along the Hudson River galvanized my thinking about view preservation as part of the whole save the planet movement.

Views and vistas need to be preserved.  They are seldom considered when giant wind turbines are erected on mountain tops or along the shoreline. They’re not considered when housing developments climb up a hillside.  They’re not considered when a swath of land is taken up for new corporate headquarters.  Yet a property with a view is worth more than one without.

Autumn fields, protected, copyright Susan Cohan for thinkingardens

Autumn fields, protected

Parks and public spaces aren’t enough to protect many views that are in the way of our continued sprawl as well as our so-called environmental progress.  In the New York metro region land is valuable and in increasing short supply hours and miles away from the city. Our views need to be preserved as much as the remaining open space. Views and vistas are part of the environment and should be preserved as such.

Shouldn’t the beauty of the earth’s landscape be just as important as saving its air, waterways and soil?  Humans need beauty as much as air, water, and soil.  For me, and many others I suspect, these views and vistas move me to my deepest core.  My heart stops on a drive or hike when I get a glimpse of the beauty of a vista and world beyond.  They soothe me when little else will, and inspire me when all else fails.  They deserve respect and preservation.

Susan Cohan.  website

Susan Cohan is a co-founder and editor of Leaf magazine. (you will find Veddw in the Spring 2012 edition…ed.)

Susan Cohan copyright Susan Cohan

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