The National Gardens Scheme and Veddw

November 2, 2012

  I think by now many readers of thinkingardens will know that our garden, Veddw, was thrown out of the UK National Gardens Scheme. But I think it’s worth mentioning here for the sake of those who haven’t. For those unfamiliar with the scheme it is an organisation which opens  gardens for charity in the UK, […]

Chelsea best: “Quiet Time: Korean DMZ Forbidden Garden” designed by Jihae Hwang

May 22, 2012

I’d like to say just how different the “Quiet Time: Korean DMZ Forbidden Garden” is. It gained Gold for its sheer quality and the excellence of the design, but its remarkable feature was the fact that it  has powerful and accessible emotional content.  This was no facile ‘theme’ but a discussion of reconciliation and healing […]

Goodbye and thank you to the RHS, by Anne Wareham

February 27, 2012

Just before Christmas I received notice that the RHS would be withdrawing funding for thinkingardens, as they can no longer afford to support it.  In January I wrote to Sue Biggs (RHS Director-General) and Elizabeth Banks,  (President of the RHS) as follows: In 2005 Stephen Anderton and I decided to see what we could do […]

An important addition to thinkingardens by Anne Wareham

January 12, 2012

“…. But this is different – these will be links just to specific articles which I am recommending. I’d be delighted to receive suggestions…”

A Spectator first? by Anne Wareham

October 31, 2011

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened. Winston Churchill Since I started trying to raise awareness of the need for serious reviews of gardens, maybe twenty years ago (yes, I was very young at the time…) I have wanted to take that […]

Time for new controversies by Anne Wareham

October 13, 2011

Thinkingardens is getting review heavy. This is not a complaint. For a long time we were unable to get books unless I bought them – we are now being offered review copies and I am finding excellent thinkingardens contributors to write them. For both – many thanks. For a long time too I despaired of getting […]

There is no garden in this country so awful that there won’t be someone desperate to tell you how wonderful it is by Anne Wareham

August 26, 2011

I’m happy to say that thinkingardens is beginning to get offers of garden reviews. So I thought it was worthwhile to offer a short piece encouraging readers to do garden reviews for us and to try to sum up what I am looking for in a garden review. Reviews currently available on the site may […]