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January 12, 2012

in Editorial

I’ve often felt frustrated, finding a great article on gardens and wanting to have it on thinkinGardens. The more material we have accumulated on this site the more it has become a repository for great garden writing, ideas, controversies and debate. So, from my greedy point of view, the more comprehensive we can be in covering important topics the better. Let’s be THE place where you know you’ll always find lots of interesting, stimulating stuff.

I have often asked writers if they would allow me to publish their piece on this site, but bluntly, it is easier to publish the links. And easier to get permission for a link, on occasion. (I spend enough times asking favours for thinkinGardens) So it is my intention to collect links to great and relevant pieces of garden writing and add them to the Good Garden Writing page.

Now – I don’t know about other people, but I tend to regard other people’s links as reciprocal favours, applause and something maybe to do with search engines (if I ever manage to understand any of that..) But this is different – these will be links just to specific articles which I am recommending. I’d be delighted to receive suggestions for inclusion of any other really good pieces of garden writing that you come across.

And I hope you enjoy the pieces I have chosen. Here they are.

Anne Wareham, editor

Anne Wareham portrait copyright Charles Hawes

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