Having a Break

December 16, 2016

in Editorial


Hi everyone. I bet you’re all upset and worried because you haven’t seen a thinkingardens post for a while. “What will we think about?” I hear you cry.

We’re all daft like this, us bloggers – think the world will fall apart if we have a break. Well, I’m going to have one. I’ve worked hard.

We opened the garden every Sunday last summer, and had coach parties visit from all over the world.

With help from a whole load of you, I got regular posts up here. Most popular is still I’m not renewing my RHS membership, by Julianne Porter, which wasn’t even published this year. It seems to be read by someone new every day.

And I wrote a book:

You can pre-order it on Amazon (don’t be confused by their cover, it isn’t real) but if I were you, I’d wait for the reviews.

That’s quite a bit to be going on with, so I’m off for a while. Apologies for those of you waiting to see your pieces published. See you sometime in the new year!

Love, Anne.

(and that’s an order)

O – and the next favourite pieces were:

Colour by Nigel Dunnett

Re-imagining Nature reviewed by James Golden

and Good Garden Articles

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