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These are not general links but links to specific, good and pertinent articles. That doesn’t mean there are not other worthwhile pieces of garden writing on these sites.

I would be grateful to receive suggestions of any other articles which would be worthy additions to this collection.

Tony Spencer: Meetings with Remarkable Plantsmen (yes, all men)

Tim Waterman: Bad role models for landscape architecture (Landscape Institute news and events)

Thomas Rainer: Horticultural Idols. (Grounded Design)

Tim Richardson: Meet Britain’s most influential gardeners and Why I chose the 30 most influential gardeners (Telegraph)

Helen Chappell interviews George Carter: Illusions of Grandeur (The Independent)

James Golden: Is gardening only a hobby? (Federal Twist)

Robin Lane Fox: An educated view (Financial Times)

Fron Sorin: Piet Oudolf – Rhythms of Nature: Where ecology meets design (Ecology)

Wolfgang Oehme passed away on Dec 15th 2011 (Wolfgang Oehme Official Website)

Kurt Andersen: You say you want a devolution? (Vanity Fair)

Sonia Day: Anyone else fed up with eco-evangelists? (Garden Rant)

Anne Wareham: A succession of amazing humiliations (Telegraph)

Victoria Summerley: Can a garden be a work of art?  (Independent)

Tim Richardson: Can professional garden designers ever hope to emulate those for whom a garden is a life’s work? (Garden Design Journal)

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