1000 Garden Ideas by Stafford Cliff

October 3, 2007

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1000 Garden Ideas by Stafford Cliff

Reviewed by Anne Wareham

Now here’s a neat idea for garden lovers everywhere. Every time you visit a garden in future, take a few hundred snaps – it’s so cheap with a digital camera, so don’t stint. Take whatever catches your eye – a mushroom, the cat, hosepipe – whatever.

Then assemble all the pics into a book! They don’t have to have much about them because you’ll fill pages with the little beggars, all cheek to cheek and making a messy mass.

Then call it “1000 or 1001 somethings – petals? slugtraps? hose ends? to see before you sneeze.” And wow, you’ve got a book! Dirt cheap, absolute rubbish, rather like “1000 Garden Ideas“. Super.

(Oh, and you’ll be able to count your garden visits against tax.)

And here’s how it’s done…

1000 Garden Ideas by Stafford Cliff - Image 1

Anne Wareham

Veddw House Garden website

Quadrille Publishing
Stafford Cliff
ISBN 9781844004836

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