Andrew Wilson

Are Gardens Art? review by Helen Gazeley

August 8, 2014

The promised review of the Royal Horticultural Event at Wisley. Thanks to Helen Gazeley for the review, Suzanne Moss for organising the event and Charles Hawes for the photographs. And here is a recording of the entire proceedings. (warning- it’s over an hour long…) Anne Wareham, editor Helen Gazeley: Are Gardens Art? This was the […]

Chelsea Parade, photographed by Charles Hawes

May 21, 2014

What people were wearing at Chelsea – during build up and on Press day. Photographs by Charles Hawes – and some from me. Some people you may know, many you won’t. #nomontydon Anne Wareham, editor   Then the afterthoughts by Anne: (though I have no idea how the first one arrived in my camera….)   […]

RHS judging: an interview with an RHS judge by Victoria Summerley

April 2, 2013

It may seem difficult to believe in the current wintry climate, but the Chelsea Flower show opens in a few weeks’ time. For the past few months, while the show garden designers have wondered whether their plants will survive the winter, the RHS has been re-examining the way it awards their medals. Victoria Summerley talked […]

Supper: June 2009

June 9, 2009

Is garden design a frivolous luxury in straitened times?
“Clearly, it all centres on one’s appreciation of gardens…”

Andrew Wilson responds to “Gender and the Garden World” by Anne Wareham

February 13, 2008

Andrew Wilson responds to Anne Wareham’s article on gender and the garden world.

Gender and the Garden World

February 9, 2008

by Anne Wareham.
“Carol Klein: ‘Many viewers assumed that I’d turned down the job but in fact I was never offered it. Had I been asked, I would have loved to have done it.'”

Andrew Wilson on “Yes, Gardens can be works of art”

July 25, 2007

“As an assessor and judge for RHS show gardens for the last 12 years, I found myself perplexed by Germain Greer’s response to this year’s Chelsea Flower….”

The love that dare not speak its name

July 20, 2007

by Anne Wareham.
On Beauty and Gardens –
“….So often when I visit a garden I am confronted with the horrifically ugly, and that seems to me to make a mockery of our materials, which are the best the world can offer.”

Andrew Wilson on “The love that dare not speak its name”

July 9, 2007

Andrew Wilson responds to Anne Wareham’s article on beauty and gardens.

Germaine Greer: Yes, Gardens can be works of art – but you’d never know it from the Chelsea Flower show.

July 5, 2007
Thumbnail image for Germaine Greer: Yes, Gardens can be works of art – but you’d never know it from the Chelsea Flower show.

by Germaine Greer.
“Most of our best-known, most-visited gardens are merely pretty, or, worse, picturesque…”
with responses by Anne Wareham, Andrew Wilson, Leigh Hunt, Amanda Patton.