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“You Should Have Been Here Last Week” by Tim Richardson reviewed by Bridget Rosewell

March 2, 2017

This is one of those (few) books every thinkingardener wants to have to read in the bath. Anne Wareham, editor.           ‘You Should Have Been Here Last Week – Sharp Cuttings from a Garden Writer’ Bridget Rosewell: Did you know that John Denham wrote a poem in 1642 immortalising Cooper’s Hill, […]

Can a walk be a garden? The High Line revisited by Bridget Rosewell.

January 25, 2017

We’re back, troublesome as ever. Has anyone else bar Bridget found the High Line less than perfect? Count on thinkingardens for a different view… Anne Wareham, editor           Bridget Rosewell: What is it about the High Line in New York which generates such plaudits?  I visited it in the summer of […]

The New English Garden by Tim Richardson reviewed by Bridget Rosewell

December 3, 2013

Here is a review of the winner of a Garden Media Guild Awards ‘Inspirational Book of the Year.’ I know it was the winner because Marianne Majerus and I judged them. O, and for certain characters who asked about the inclusions elsewhere – Veddw is in Wales, not England. Not that it would necessarily have been included. So now […]

The gardens of Manoir d’Eyrignac and Marqueyssac France, by Bridget Rosewell.

January 9, 2013

Some pieces hang around a bit long (sorry everyone) – this arrived in summer and it’s now after Christmas. So – a time trip back to summer, in a less soggy place than Wales… (Bridget is away at the moment – I hope she will respond to your comments on her return) Anne Wareham, editor […]

What are Gardens For? by Rory Stuart reviewed by Bridget Rosewell

November 22, 2012

Here is a second second review of this book, in this case by Bridget Rosewell OBE.   What are Gardens for? Visiting, Experiencing and Thinking about Gardens Rory Stuart, Frances Lincoln, 2012 Bridget Rosewell: Don’t expect an answer to the question of the title, because if you do you won’t enjoy this book.  Instead focus on […]

What are Gardens for? by Rory Stuart, reviewed by Sheppard Craige

November 22, 2012

You may well wonder why we have two reviews of Rory Stuart’s new book for thinkingardens. Well, I was given one when I had already commissioned the other. It’s not the first time thinkingardens has offered more than one perspective, and it won’t be the last. And, as you will see, Rory himself has written […]

Gold at the Olympic Park by Bridget Rosewell

November 16, 2012

Meadows now cover a multitude of sins – or at least, the term ‘meadow’ does. All part of the ‘naturalistic’ trend (see Michael King’s post and Sarah Price telling you how to do it at home here) Bridget Rosewell takes a look here at whether meadow is a term which makes sense in the context of the […]

Reviews of the The Garden by Graham Rice, Deborah Bird,and Bridget Rosewell.

February 6, 2012

A few months ago the RHS magazine The Garden had a major revamp and it seemed right to review the results. A little time has gone past, but the evaluation is of several copies. I wanted to get a spread of reaction and am grateful that I was able to do that. We have Graham Rice, […]

Veddw reviewed by Bridget Rosewell

May 9, 2011

Just to wind up Matthew Appleby, who is complaining there is too much Veddw on this site… Having just been sent the review I can’t resist adding it to thinkinGardens – and I think I have earned a bit of self indulgence. Anne Wareham editor.   Bridget Rosewell: The garden made by Anne Wareham and […]

Letter from America revisited

November 17, 2010

‘We might say something is ‘crap’ to a friend who understands our reference points, but it isn’t an adequate critical comment. You have to define your parameters for critical discussion, not doing so limits potential response. It becomes yes it is/no it is isn’t…..’

Supper: January 2010

January 25, 2010

A garden is meaningless without good spaces.
In which Michael Balston froths, and also insists that water in gardens should feature “no turds, no alligators”…

Avant Gardeners: 50 visionaries of the Contemporary Landscape by Tim Richardson

October 3, 2009
Thumbnail image for Avant Gardeners: 50 visionaries of the Contemporary Landscape by Tim Richardson

Reviewed by Bridget Rosewell.
“…..Moreover, it is not obvious how these ideas relate to conceptual gardens, though they would certainly give apoplexy to those who believe that gardens are about nice plants.”

Kim Wilkie on The Maggie Centre

February 25, 2009

Kim Wilkie comments on Bridget Rosewell’s review of Dan Pearson’s garden at The Maggie Centre, Charing Cross, London.

Joan Edlis on The Maggie Centre

February 25, 2009

Joan Edlis comments on Bridget Rosewell’s review of Dan Pearson’s garden at The Maggie Centre, Charing Cross, London.