Catharine Howard

Essay on Gardening by Henk Gerritsen, reviewed by Catharine Howard

March 30, 2017

This review made me buy the book. It’s a real thinkingardens treat. But the cost on Amazon made me blench. Couldn’t find it cheaper. I ended up with the paperback at £27, with all the photos in black and white (see below). And I wanted to buy  Site, Sight, Insight: Essays on Landscape Architecture (Penn […]

Which nature? Rambunctious Garden by Emma Marris: a review by Catharine Howard

October 7, 2014

Before  you ask, rambunctious means difficult, hard to deal with – as in children and – nature.It’s an Americanism. Don’t be put off if you’re in the UK, this is interesting stuff. With thanks to Catharine Howard. Anne Wareham, editor Catharine Howard: Emma Marris writes about nature and ecology for several prestigious American magazines – […]

Too Many Things by Catharine Howard

June 5, 2013
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Catharine Howard asks what the RHS is up to and why in her piece for the thinkingardens Chelsea 2013 competition. Anne Wareham, editor Too Many Things by Catharine Howard. Chelsea, with its breathless television coverage, reminds me of those glossy magazines that show pictures of parties you should have been at.  But had you been […]