Chelsea 2015 – a review by Katherine Crouch

May 19, 2015

This is what you want, I think – a real reflection of Chelsea without the hype. Thanks for an amazing effort Katherine, getting it to me so fast and with so many pictures and so much messing around for my benefit. (I’m a monster editor) Anne Wareham, editor       Chelsea 2015 A review […]

More Chelsea

June 15, 2014

I’m risking boring everyone with more Chelsea stuff – in this case, some thoughts about the actual 2014 show: mine and those of Katherine Crouch. I promise that normal service will be resumed shortly. (ie not quite so often ..) Anne Wareham, editor I couldn’t design a Chelsea garden. I’m not a trained designer and […]

Show gardens: what are they for? by Wanda Oprea

April 20, 2014

I would like to propose that show gardens could be simply for delight, illumination or challenge – or whatever we would like a great work of art to be. But that is still whistling in the dark. Maybe they are a form of flower arranging? The following is what Wanda Oprea thinks. And you? Anne […]

Garden Hero at Chelsea by Simon Webster

June 5, 2013
Thumbnail image for Garden Hero at Chelsea by Simon Webster

Garden Hero’s entry for the thinkingardens Chelsea 2013 competition… Anne Wareham, editor Garden Hero’s reflections… I received a book last Christmas – 1001 gardens to see before you die – which in reality would mean that I would have to see one a week for the next 20 years, which is highly unlikely given the location of […]

The Love of the Familiar by Alison Levey

June 5, 2013
Thumbnail image for The Love of the Familiar by Alison Levey

A nearly – winner  in the Chelsea 2013 competition. Nearly! Anne Wareham, editor Chelsea – a little bit familiar? by Alison Levey When I tell people I am going to The Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show I generally get one of two reactions: either “ooh, I’ve always wanted to go there, I am intending […]

Spraying Gold Medals like Confetti by Janey Auchincloss

June 5, 2013
Thumbnail image for Spraying Gold Medals like Confetti by Janey Auchincloss

Janey Auchincloss contemplated the issue of sponsorship for the Chelsea 2013 thinkingardens competition. Anne Wareham, editor ‘They are spraying gold medals around like confetti, ‘ by Jane Auchincloss. Less than a year ago, such a comment would have aroused joy in the entire population of the United Kingdom. Our Olympians were triumphing over the rest of the […]

Chelsea 2013, some thoughts from Anne Wareham

May 21, 2013

This year was marked for me by having one garden that shocked me by its badness, and one that delighted me. And the other remarkable thing was the extent of agreement about both those things amongst the people I talked to. Prize for shock went to Jinny Blom’s garden for Prince Harry and his charity […]

Chelsea – what do you think?

May 10, 2013

There’s a prize in this – but time’s up now!!! (I have sent the entries off to our impartial judge – I thought that knowing some of the entrants was not a good thing. Result will be declared on the 8th June! Watch this space….) I get very bored with relentless Chelsea at this time of year […]

RHS judging: an interview with an RHS judge by Victoria Summerley

April 2, 2013

It may seem difficult to believe in the current wintry climate, but the Chelsea Flower show opens in a few weeks’ time. For the past few months, while the show garden designers have wondered whether their plants will survive the winter, the RHS has been re-examining the way it awards their medals. Victoria Summerley talked […]

Chelsea best: “Quiet Time: Korean DMZ Forbidden Garden” designed by Jihae Hwang

May 22, 2012

I’d like to say just how different the “Quiet Time: Korean DMZ Forbidden Garden” is. It gained Gold for its sheer quality and the excellence of the design, but its remarkable feature was the fact that it  has powerful and accessible emotional content.  This was no facile ‘theme’ but a discussion of reconciliation and healing […]

Strictly Come Chelsea by Victoria Summerley

February 18, 2012

This piece is another act of dedication and concern from Victoria Summerley, who should have been packing for a much needed holiday rather than writing for us – and hopefully, for the RHS judges. (Her holidaying around means she will be unable to respond to any comments of queries on this piece) Her last piece […]

RHS consulation on the judging at Chelsea – response by Victoria Summerley

February 15, 2012

The RHS has just held a forum to discuss and get responses to their thoughts about changing the judging process at Chelsea. Victoria Summerley attended on behalf of thinkingardens and here is her response and her suggestions. I hope that the RHS will take note of her thoughts. I have never found it quite so […]