Emma Bond

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May 15, 2012

Garden blogs have become a vital and exciting – and deadly and boring – part of the garden world in the last few years. It seems time to review them and consider what they have to offer to serious gardeners, and the first reviews will appear here in a few weeks time. Here is Emma […]

The Laskett reviewed by Emma Bond

July 8, 2011

“It is a shame that Sir Roy Strong is subjected to the now-obligatory drivel about his being a ‘national treasure’, because this unthinking cliché diminishes his contribution, over more than 50 years, to our cultural life, whether as a curator or, in later times, as a gardener.” Simon Heffer in The Spectator 6th August 2011 […]

Letter from America – further comments

December 3, 2010

‘When someone describes something as ‘not their cup of tea’, it is telling you far more about them than the garden…..’ Philippa Perry