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This other Eden, demi-paradise? – a review by Noel Kingsbury

April 3, 2015

Such a relief when someone says ‘fantastic doesn’t mean flawless’…. Thanks, Noel! Anne Wareham, editor   Review of the Eden Project by Noel Kingsbury The Eden Project, since its opening in 1999, has kept itself in the top 15 or so British tourist attractions. Brilliant, given that its subject matter, economic botany, was always the […]

I was wamblecropt with flowers: a review of Great Dixter by Robin White

December 26, 2014

I’ve been hoping for a review of Great Dixter, and now here it is, thanks to Robin White. And it’s the second piece I’ve now read recently about the garden: it is also featured in The Garden (RHS) in the October edition. (See here) One of the things people say to me often – you’ll […]

Award worthy? a review of Abbotsbury by Tristan Gregory

September 26, 2013

Another review from the excellent writer, critic and plantsman Tristan Gregory, my most reliable garden reviewer. (yes, that is a heavy hint, laced with rebuke, everyone else..) A visit to Abbotsbury – voted HHA/Christie’s Garden of the Year 2012, which inevitably raises my cynical suspicions – but it didn’t do badly in Tristan’s view.. Anne […]

Will they get it? A review of the Native Plant Garden at NYBG by Susan Cohan

July 30, 2013

This is an interesting review of a garden – and, as all good reviews do – it raises an interesting question. You don’t need a postcard to let us know what your answer is….. but you do need to view the post in your browser rather than in your email. (click the link…) Anne Wareham, […]

Death careering round the trees – a review of Hidcote by Tristan Gregory

July 3, 2013

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – Paul Joseph Goebbels I come to bury Hidcote, not to praise it? … Photographs taken by the editor and Charles Hawes, on a separate trip two weeks after Tristan. Anne Wareham, editor   Tristan Gregory: Last year […]

Sezincote – of elephants and water by Alison Levey

February 7, 2013

The name Sezincote has acquired a kind of magic for its associations: Brighton Pavilion, India, the Raj… Does the garden live up to this magic? Alison Levey visits for thinkingardens (and herself) and, as ever, offers an astute opinion… Anne Wareham, editor Alison Levey: I, like many gardeners I am sure, have three lists for visiting gardens: […]

Gold at the Olympic Park by Bridget Rosewell

November 16, 2012

Meadows now cover a multitude of sins – or at least, the term ‘meadow’ does. All part of the ‘naturalistic’ trend (see Michael King’s post and Sarah Price telling you how to do it at home here) Bridget Rosewell takes a look here at whether meadow is a term which makes sense in the context of the […]

Aberglasney, a review by Anne Wareham

September 27, 2012

I visited Aberglasney in September this year (2012) and so took the opportunity to review it for thinkingardens. By way of an extra. Anne Wareham, editor Aberglasney The garden at Aberglasney burst into the world in a television series some years ago. The series was based round the archaeological work which was going on, and […]

Bryan’s Ground reviewed by Sarah Wint

August 3, 2011

An entertaining approach to reviewing here by a new contributor, Sarah Wint. I hope we may hear more from the in-laws and – an unreliable? narrator. I have enabled comments and will see if this creates too much work for poor harassed editor or not.. Anne Wareham  editor Review of the garden at Bryan’s Ground, Herefordshire. I’ve just […]

The Laskett reviewed by Emma Bond

July 8, 2011

“It is a shame that Sir Roy Strong is subjected to the now-obligatory drivel about his being a ‘national treasure’, because this unthinking cliché diminishes his contribution, over more than 50 years, to our cultural life, whether as a curator or, in later times, as a gardener.” Simon Heffer in The Spectator 6th August 2011 […]

Veddw reviewed by Bridget Rosewell

May 9, 2011

Just to wind up Matthew Appleby, who is complaining there is too much Veddw on this site… Having just been sent the review I can’t resist adding it to thinkinGardens – and I think I have earned a bit of self indulgence. Anne Wareham editor.   Bridget Rosewell: The garden made by Anne Wareham and […]

Boughton House – Kim Wilkie’s Orpheus reviewed by James Alexander-Sinclair

February 28, 2011
Boughton House Orpheus, design byKim Wilkie ©Charles-Hawes

“Perfect, Impressive, Majestic and Splendid. It is the sort of thing that makes one sigh from the pleasure of it all. And I did..


Scampston: The Walled Garden reviewed by Charles Hawes

September 21, 2010
Thumbnail image for Scampston: The Walled Garden reviewed by Charles Hawes

“So what is the point of it? … At just over 10 years old, this is a young garden…so for the time being the flowery parts of the garden are that much more important.”