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Plume Puzzle by Adam Hodge

April 21, 2016

Jardin Plume is one of those gardens which not long ago got featured everywhere. So when Charles Hawes was in France for the Chaumont Garden Festival he made a long trek to go and see it. And I waited for his response with eager anticipation. He was disappointed. (Is this the inevitable consequence of too much […]

Berchigranges Garden reviewed by Noel Kingsbury

November 26, 2015

Another garden review, and, as Noel says, also an opportunity for someone to get in there and wreck it..maybe take over. Anyone game? And is it the most beautiful garden in the world (apart from Veddw, of course)? And do you share Noel’s criteria for a special garden? This piece appeared originally in Noel’s blog, […]

Sudeley Castle, a review by Tristan Gregory

August 3, 2015

If you are of a delicate disposition, look away now. Tristan is back. He visited Sudeley Castle, site of the grave of Katherine Parr. As usual, Tristan is unintimidated. And I too, was unimpressed when I last visited. I apologise for the photographs. Tech is not Tristan’s strong point. Anne Wareham, editor.         […]

A Keeper? – The National Botanic Garden of Wales reviewed by Tristan Gregory

June 13, 2014

It’s garden visiting time – come to Wales! You could visit Veddw (I know – sorry….but you’d be passing within 4 miles of us if you were visiting the National Botanic). So here’s a review of the National Botanic Garden of Wales, by our attack dog, Tristan Gregory.. Anne Wareham, editor. Tristan Gregory: On my […]

Criticism of criticism by Anne Wareham

May 23, 2014

“Your descriptions of Seats & Gardens . . . are often imperfect, frequently flippant, & sometimes false…….Be advised therefore from a friend to your Fame, as well as your Peace of mind; and do not print any thing that will either hurt or offend the Owners of Places, when in so doing, you will bring […]

Rousham reviewed by Tristan Gregory

March 19, 2014

I have said before, in the introduction to Alison Levey’s piece about Rousham, that I have taken far too many trips to Rousham in a vain attempt to discover why it is so very highly regarded. Now it seems Tristan also has been disappointed. Why two pieces about the garden then? – because they make such very […]

Award worthy? a review of Abbotsbury by Tristan Gregory

September 26, 2013

Another review from the excellent writer, critic and plantsman Tristan Gregory, my most reliable garden reviewer. (yes, that is a heavy hint, laced with rebuke, everyone else..) A visit to Abbotsbury – voted HHA/Christie’s Garden of the Year 2012, which inevitably raises my cynical suspicions – but it didn’t do badly in Tristan’s view.. Anne […]

Will they get it? A review of the Native Plant Garden at NYBG by Susan Cohan

July 30, 2013

This is an interesting review of a garden – and, as all good reviews do – it raises an interesting question. You don’t need a postcard to let us know what your answer is….. but you do need to view the post in your browser rather than in your email. (click the link…) Anne Wareham, […]

They fell asleep.. a review of Kiftsgate by Anne Wareham

July 11, 2013

I didn’t intend to write a review. I was just having a good day off and taking some photographs for Tristan’s piece. But it didn’t turn out like that: I found I hated the probability that all the masses of tourists at both Hidcote and Kiftsgate were thinking that this is the best that British […]

Powis Castle: a review by Tristan Gregory

April 29, 2013

Gardens are reopening, and it’s garden reviews time again. Remember thinkingardens when you make a visit.. And, just by the way, – I am now blogging regularly and personally  here. (Even about gardening. Sometimes… here’s piece on weeding and one on ‘What not to do in your garden in April’  – you are nearly too late!) The […]

Sezincote – of elephants and water by Alison Levey

February 7, 2013

The name Sezincote has acquired a kind of magic for its associations: Brighton Pavilion, India, the Raj… Does the garden live up to this magic? Alison Levey visits for thinkingardens (and herself) and, as ever, offers an astute opinion… Anne Wareham, editor Alison Levey: I, like many gardeners I am sure, have three lists for visiting gardens: […]

I need your help.

November 30, 2012

Next summer I intend to hold a competition for the best garden review written and submitted during the spring/summer season 2013. It should be orientated to addressing those aspects of a garden which will appeal to and be exciting to a non gardening audience. I have an embryo and excellent judging panel and a sponsor – but […]

Aberglasney, a review by Anne Wareham

September 27, 2012

I visited Aberglasney in September this year (2012) and so took the opportunity to review it for thinkingardens. By way of an extra. Anne Wareham, editor Aberglasney The garden at Aberglasney burst into the world in a television series some years ago. The series was based round the archaeological work which was going on, and […]

Bodnant Garden: a review by Tristan Gregory

July 11, 2012

The last time two times I have visited Bodnant I have been entranced by the trees (see below) and much less entranced by everything else. It seems that I’m not alone, and I’m grateful to Tristan for the review below. Tristan didn’t take any photographs when he visited so I have added some of my […]