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Sussex Prairies Garden reviewed by Darryl Moore

November 17, 2011

It may seem strange to have three reviews of one garden on the thinkingardens site. However, we are frequently told that different people experience gardens differently. It seems right to me that those differences, or lack of them, should be available for people to consider. It is interesting to me that the three thinkingardens reviewers saw similar […]

A Spectator first? by Anne Wareham

October 31, 2011

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened. Winston Churchill Since I started trying to raise awareness of the need for serious reviews of gardens, maybe twenty years ago (yes, I was very young at the time…) I have wanted to take that […]

Appeltern Gardens, Netherlands reviewed by Wanda Oprea

September 30, 2011

Is there an inherent problem with show gardens? And can you have too much of a (maybe) good thing? Does quality shine in the most challenging circumstances? These are some of the questions raised by this piece by Wanda Oprea in her review of the permanent exhibition of show gardens at Appeltern in the Netherlands. […]

Sussex Prairie Garden review: Meadows, Prairies and Downs by Kate Buxton: a review of the Sussex Prairies Garden

August 30, 2011

The topic of contemporary naturalistic planting design is a fascinating topic: what is the relationship between ‘Dutch Wave’ gardens, the ‘New American Garden Style’, wildflower meadows, quasi arable fields, prairie gardens and ecological planting design? It would be good to consider their similarities, differences, virtues and limitations further on thinkingardens. Kate Buxton’s piece here, on the Sussex Prairies […]

There is no garden in this country so awful that there won’t be someone desperate to tell you how wonderful it is by Anne Wareham

August 26, 2011

I’m happy to say that thinkingardens is beginning to get offers of garden reviews. So I thought it was worthwhile to offer a short piece encouraging readers to do garden reviews for us and to try to sum up what I am looking for in a garden review. Reviews currently available on the site may […]

Veddw reviewed by Bridget Rosewell

May 9, 2011

Just to wind up Matthew Appleby, who is complaining there is too much Veddw on this site… Having just been sent the review I can’t resist adding it to thinkinGardens – and I think I have earned a bit of self indulgence. Anne Wareham editor.   Bridget Rosewell: The garden made by Anne Wareham and […]

Mill Dene Garden reviewed by Darryl Moore

April 4, 2011

Darryl Moore is a valued garden critic on thinkinGardens, with an astute sense of the relationship between the owner and the garden and its implications (see also his piece on Coombe House/Plas Metaxu). I am grateful therefore to have this review of the garden Mill Dene in the Cotswolds, which was rather curtly dismissed in […]

‘Italy’s Private Gardens’ by Helena Attlee and ‘Great Gardens of Italy’ by Monty Don: reviewed by Charles Hawes

March 14, 2011

Helena Attlee recently published a lavishly illustrated book on Italian gardens and this has now been followed by Monty Don’s book of his BBC 2 television series ” ‘Monty Don’s’ Italian Gardens.” ( I don’t imagine he owns them all, but you never know..) It seemed appropriate and useful to review the two books together. Anne […]

Boughton House – Kim Wilkie’s Orpheus reviewed by James Alexander-Sinclair

February 28, 2011
Boughton House Orpheus, design byKim Wilkie ©Charles-Hawes

“Perfect, Impressive, Majestic and Splendid. It is the sort of thing that makes one sigh from the pleasure of it all. And I did..


Scampston: The Walled Garden reviewed by Charles Hawes

September 21, 2010
Thumbnail image for Scampston: The Walled Garden reviewed by Charles Hawes

“So what is the point of it? … At just over 10 years old, this is a young garden…so for the time being the flowery parts of the garden are that much more important.”

Sara Maitland on Reviews of Dan Pearson’s garden at The Maggie Centre

April 4, 2009

Sara Maitland discusses the comments on Bridget Rosewell’s review of Dan Pearsons’ garden at The Maggie Centre, Charing Cross, London.

East Rushton Old Vicarage reviewed by Sara Maitland and Anne Wareham

April 29, 2004
Thumbnail image for East Rushton Old Vicarage reviewed by Sara Maitland and Anne Wareham

“It was exhausting. But can a garden be too big? What is the maximum size? There are bigger gardens that don’t give me this exhausted feeling.”