Gary Webb

More on garden photography – by Laurent Kalfala and Gary Webb

January 24, 2012

The response to the pieces on garden photography was amazing – and I would encourage anyone who only read the original pieces to go back and read the comments. (see Rory Stuart and Charles Hawes) I also received two further pieces, which I am publishing here before we give the subject a long rest. Laurent considers […]

The Omnipotent Magician, Jane Brown reviewed by Gary Webb,

August 22, 2011

A review of a new book on – was he ever called Capability? – Lancelot Brown, reviewed by Gary Web who is Grounds Manager at Compton Verney, a Lancelot Brown landscape. Anne Wareham editor The Omnipotent Magician by Jane Brown reviewed by Gary Webb Our great country is liberally sprinkled with gardens of all shapes, sizes and […]

Can Gardeners be Considered Artists? by Gary Webb

January 24, 2011

“I tend to think that in professionally tended gardens, the natural occurrence of targets, job descriptions, over-loading, all commonplace in a busy workplace, can quite often mask and tie up the creativity that exists within a gardener …”