Peter Osbourne

Light, time and tradition

September 19, 2007

by Bridget Rosewell.
A response to Peter Osbourne’s series of articles adressing some of the problematic aspects of reviewing/criticising gardens.
“I love gardens in winter (not winter gardens). When the palette is muted and the bones show, and it is not wise to sit for too long, the good garden gives a frisson all of its own.”

A Joy Forever?

September 18, 2007

The third of three articles by Peter Osbourne.
“…But most people would, I think, recognize some different basic levels of value. A parallel in art would be to agree not to replace a Leonardo on the National Gallery wall with your 2-year old’s latest, that the average amateur artist is not up to Cotman, nor he up to Leonardo.”

Pretty as a Picture

September 17, 2007

The second of three articles by Peter Osbourne.
“…This formal vocabulary, together with garden-specific terms in any good glossary, is sufficiently objective and well-established to provide an analytical basis for garden criticism, but is not an evaluative language.”

Some thoughts towards a critical language for gardens

September 16, 2007

The first of three articles by Peter Osbourne.
“The immediate problem is that the question of what is a garden, especially a good or great garden, has become embroiled in the discussion about different types of garden…”