Rory Stuart

The Gardens of Venice and the Veneto by Jenny Condie and Alex Ramsey reviewed by Rory Stuart

November 21, 2013

Everyone is now totally exhausted after all that debate and discussion on Clumping and Mingling and on Britain’s blooming Blooming. Time to think holidays. Gardens. Italy. Sunshine. So here’s Rory: Anne Wareham, editor PS Sorry – there were too many references to manage links to them all. I got overwhelmed.. Try Google?   Rory Stuart: […]

Go it alone? by Rory Stuart

September 12, 2013

It’s an odd way to approach something which should be such a total, immersive, absorbing experience: to go round a garden with a guide or with the proud owner wittering at you. (sorry, Rory – would love to have you wittering at me anywhere…) Why not take a book, some music, prepare to linger?.. But […]

A little self promotion..

June 20, 2013

I hope you’ll excuse this, but I wanted to remind everyone who may be interested that the garden at Veddw is open now. (and it may not be as far away as you think….it’s not deepest Wales…) And – to tell anyone who may not have registered, and who may be interested, that I am […]

What are Gardens For? by Rory Stuart reviewed by Bridget Rosewell

November 22, 2012

Here is a second second review of this book, in this case by Bridget Rosewell OBE.   What are Gardens for? Visiting, Experiencing and Thinking about Gardens Rory Stuart, Frances Lincoln, 2012 Bridget Rosewell: Don’t expect an answer to the question of the title, because if you do you won’t enjoy this book.  Instead focus on […]

What are Gardens for? by Rory Stuart, reviewed by Sheppard Craige

November 22, 2012

You may well wonder why we have two reviews of Rory Stuart’s new book for thinkingardens. Well, I was given one when I had already commissioned the other. It’s not the first time thinkingardens has offered more than one perspective, and it won’t be the last. And, as you will see, Rory himself has written […]

The 9/11 Memorial Park in New York reviewed by Sheppard Craige

April 8, 2012

A poignant piece about a very particular site, sensitively written. Thank you, Sheppard. Anne Wareham, editor. Sheppard Craige: The still unfinished 9/11 Memorial Park in lower Manhattan has already been seen by more than a million visitors. It is a powerful minimalist composition of two large squares excavated in the earth by architect Michael Arad. […]

A Photographer’s Response to Rory Stuart by Charles Hawes

December 14, 2011

I was hoping we might hear from photographers in response to Rory Stuart’s piece, and we did –  and this one was clearly too long to go in the ‘comments’. This discussion clearly moves the ball next into the garden owner’s and the (current) garden editors’ courts. The enormous response we got from the last piece […]

Garden Photographs – some problems, by Rory Stuart

November 28, 2011

Many of us have got great reservations about how gardens are represented in the garden media. Awards are given to gardens on the basis of pictures of them and the common description of garden magazines as ‘garden porn’ tells its own story. It would be very interesting to hear the response of garden photographers and magazine editors […]

Gardens Of The World-The Great Traditions by Rory Stuart reviewed by Sara Venn

May 2, 2011

  Gardens Of The World – The Great Traditions, is difficult book to review as its interest to the reader will depend upon what they expect from the book. Stuart covers a huge range of histories and garden styles, all of which will be familiar in part to anyone with an interest in gardening and […]

Il Bosco della Ragnaia by Rory Stuart

September 15, 2010

“Is it a garden? Not in the English sense of the word, a place full of flowers. Is it a landscape? Yes, partly…”