Tim Richardson

“You Should Have Been Here Last Week” by Tim Richardson reviewed by Bridget Rosewell

March 2, 2017

This is one of those (few) books every thinkingardener wants to have to read in the bath. Anne Wareham, editor.           ‘You Should Have Been Here Last Week – Sharp Cuttings from a Garden Writer’ Bridget Rosewell: Did you know that John Denham wrote a poem in 1642 immortalising Cooper’s Hill, […]

Peer review by Bunny Guinness

September 2, 2015

Bunny Guinness recently wrote this piece for the Telegraph and it was published in the newspaper. It has not yet appeared online though, so I asked (and received) her permission to use it here. Many thinkingardens readers will already be familiar with this topic and the arguments, but I thought it worth putting in front […]

The New English Garden by Tim Richardson reviewed by Bridget Rosewell

December 3, 2013

Here is a review of the winner of a Garden Media Guild Awards ‘Inspirational Book of the Year.’ I know it was the winner because Marianne Majerus and I judged them. O, and for certain characters who asked about the inclusions elsewhere – Veddw is in Wales, not England. Not that it would necessarily have been included. So now […]

Conspicuous Design by Tim Richardson

August 7, 2013

I am very grateful for the generosity of Tim Richardson and the editor, Sarah Giles, of the Garden Design Journal for permitting me to use this piece, which I think raises an issue, as Tim says, of special importance to designers of small gardens. (as opposed to small garden designers..) I  don’t have handy examples of over-design, […]

Tim Richardson challenges ‘real gardeners’ over garden design

October 18, 2010

“The anti-design agenda of some parts of the horticultural world is in part based on a shires-gentry brand of anti-intellectualism which sees design, and talk of design, as essentially vulgar.The country-garden conceit is that you just throw it all together and then, as a result of genetics or feudalism or something, it happens to look good…”

Did you say the “G” word? Wash your mouth out with soap

April 12, 2010

by Tim Richardson.
” – the idea of gardens and gardening comes freighted with apparently unassailable connotations of bourgeois mediocrity and convention, accompanied by visions of elderliness and amateurism.”

Avant Gardeners: 50 visionaries of the Contemporary Landscape by Tim Richardson

October 3, 2009
Thumbnail image for Avant Gardeners: 50 visionaries of the Contemporary Landscape by Tim Richardson

Reviewed by Bridget Rosewell.
“…..Moreover, it is not obvious how these ideas relate to conceptual gardens, though they would certainly give apoplexy to those who believe that gardens are about nice plants.”

Little Sparta by Tim Richardson

June 1, 2009

by Tim Richardson.
“….we are reminded of Finlay’s dictum: “Embark on a garden with a vision but never with a plan….”

Should we trust anyone’s opinion on a garden except our own?

October 25, 2008

by Tim Richardson.
“Beth Chatto’s garden was never going to be ‘my thing’, exactly, but I found it all rather underwhelming….”

Considerations for garden visitors by Anne Wareham

August 10, 2008

by Anne Wareham.
“Try some adjectives: – risk taking, banal, complacent, incomprehensible, exciting, disturbing? – to help you focus on just what you feel about it.”
With responses from Mike Gerrard, Antony Woodward, Tim Richardson, Jenny Woods, Clive Nichols, Chris Young, Yue Zhuang and Rebecca Wells.

Can professional designers really hope to emulate those for whom a garden is a life’s work?

June 4, 2008

by Tim Richardson.
“If I was a Garden Designer I would be a bit miffed by the fact that every list of iconic or outstanding contemporary gardens comprises special places which have, In most cases. been created by people who are not professional garden designers..”

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation reviewed by Tim Richardson

November 20, 2007
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“…The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is no longer a dialogue with the universe, it is a monologue about the universe. It is becoming The Garden of Comic Extrapolation, and someone needs to say it.”

Gardens as pills…or not

November 6, 2007

by Tim Richardson.
“….In such a view, gardening is innocent, guileless and healthy, while garden design is cynical, unncessary and corrupted by too much knowledge and thought.”

Introduction from “Vista – The Culture and Politics of Gardens”

October 6, 2005
Thumbnail image for Introduction from “Vista – The Culture and Politics of Gardens”

by Noel Kingsbury and Tim Richardson.
“The reason we feel Vista is necessary now is because there seems to be a gulf between academic writing on gardens which tends to be about history and commercial writing on gardens, which focuses either on practical horticulture and plantsman-ship, or on descriptions of individual gardens.”