Yue Zhuang

Garden design in Japan and China

August 5, 2009

by Yue Zhuang.
“The Japanese have an extraordinary tradition of studying and assimilating the good from other cultures…”

Considerations for garden visitors by Anne Wareham

August 10, 2008

by Anne Wareham.
“Try some adjectives: – risk taking, banal, complacent, incomprehensible, exciting, disturbing? – to help you focus on just what you feel about it.”
With responses from Mike Gerrard, Antony Woodward, Tim Richardson, Jenny Woods, Clive Nichols, Chris Young, Yue Zhuang and Rebecca Wells.

James Golden on Allusion in Gardens

September 5, 2007

‘I find much to agree with in the ‘trialogue’ on Allusion in Gardens by Noel Kingsbury, Yue Zhuang, and Anne Wareham, but I’m disturbed by heavy emphasis, particularly Noel Kingsbury’s, on the need to find new languages (garden languages) to speak to the present. Of course, we do need to do this, but not to the exclusion of rich allusory experience…….’