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December 6, 2012

in Editorial

Veddw - reflecting pool seat copyright Charles Hawes, for thinkingardens, Veddw, editor Anne Wareham

I sometimes get a bit fed up of the garden world, dedicated as it is to banality and the soporific. Until I remember all the contributors to thinkingardens, who seem to come from and inhabit a different universe. They make this site what it is, which is exciting, innovative and rewarding. And growing in popularity all the time.

So I’m pleased to tell you that we were a finalist in the Garden Media Awards 2012 and should shortly have a widget to show for it. I perhaps should also say that there were only nine nominees….(Better than my place for National Radio Broadcast of the Year, where I was one finalist of four out of six nominees…)

Well, well done thinkingardens contributors and supporters, and well done Shoot, who won Website of the Year.

And we did win it once. (no idea how many nominees in those days..)


Website winner of the Year, thinkingardens, Garden media Guild, Anne Wareham, Veddw

 Anne Wareham, editor. XXX

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