Now We are Ten! by Anne Wareham

March 10, 2015

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Hellebore Orientalis 'Stained Glass' at Veddw, copyright Anne Wareham

2015 appears to be a big year in our house. Charles turns old and we’ll also have our Silver Wedding anniversary this June, he tells me. I’m not altogether sure I believe that. We had a big celebration: party, fireworks, speech and all that – to celebrate having lived here 25 years. A couple of weeks later Charles rather sheepishly told me we were a year out and it was actually only 24 years.

We should also be celebrating the publication of my second book, ‘Outwitting Squirrels’.

And just in case you were wondering whether you are actually on the right website, we will also be celebrating the 10th birthday of thinkingardens. If you’d like to know how it began, here is a useful link. So, I am wondering how to celebrate all those things.

We will begin, though, with a thinkingardens supper, under the auspices of the Chelsea Fringe. The supper will be at our usual London venue, the Coach & Horses Pub, at 7.30 on Sunday May 17th, £30.

The proposed topic is ‘Do we still need thinkingardens? and if we do, what for?’ (or can I retire yet?) But if you have an alternative burning topic you’d prefer, that would be fine. Let us know.

Later addition: I feel sure this is a poor topic. Because it’s on my mind doesn’t mean it’s on anyone else’s. Please suggest alternatives from whatever is on your minds? 

To book, please contact Lucy here

Hope to see you there.

Anne Wareham, editor

Cropped Landscape portrait Anne Wareham and Charles Hawes at Veddw copyright Charles Hawes img159 S


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